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Our experienced staff will review your situation and collaborate to optimize your print environment. The goal is to come up with win-win solution that reduces expenses and increases employee productivity and satisfaction.

Leveraging Current Assets

You have made a substantial investment in your fleet of laser printers. Our goal is to help you maximize your return on that investment by optimizing the use of the printers and ensuring they are properly maintained to extend their lifecycles.

As we evaluate your infrastructure, there are several areas we look for:

  • Optimal Printer Placement

    Placing the right printers in the right location can lead to dramatic cost reductions. Redeploying printers with low operations cost to high-volume areas gives the double benefit of reducing cost and increasing productivity. Units with higher operating costs are then redeployed to low volume areas.
  • Leverage Multifunction Systems

    Many times we find laser printers and fax machines located in the same area as a multifunction system. In some cases it is possible to move high-volume departmental printing to the lower-cost multifunction system. This frees up the other printer for either retirement or use in another location in the company.
  • Replace Costly Older Printers

    Older printers can end up being very costly to operate. Where it makes sense, we may recommend replacing older printers with new technology. We can often do this with little or no capital expense to you when you use our Printer Management Services.
Cost Per Page Program

For one low cost per page, we provide:

Supplies - Printer Cartridges and Maintenance Kits

We include everything you need to keep your printer running. All you need to do is provide paper. In addition to print cartridges, we also provide the maintenance kits that your printers need.

Preventative Maintenance

Just like changing oil in your car, printers require periodic maintenance to function reliably and to maximize their life cycle. We'll make sure your printers are maintained and cleaned at the recommended intervals.

On Site Emergency Service

Mechanical devices are going to break from time to time. Not a problem! We'll affix a service label to all your printers. All your users need to do is call our service number or log onto our website, and we'll send a fully trained technician to resolve the problem.

Continual Monitoring

Common technologies allow us to monitor the status of your printers, enabling us to respond to problems quickly, sometimes even before they occur. Our monitoring service also automatically gathers usage data, facilitating accurate billing and providing useful management reports.

Ongoing Management

We realize that your business is continually changing. That's why we can arrange on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis to review your printer fleet program.

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